What are the ingredients?

Micro water, Calendula extract, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Pear Extract, Soybean Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Barley Extract, Urea , Vegetable glycerin.

How often should I use it?

Although the frequency of keratin formation varies from person to person, it is usually only once every 10 days that you can keep your feet clean by taking care of the callus fill mist. However, keratin has individual differences, so you can adjust your use period longer or shorter while watching your keratin condition.

How does it work?

Individual water molecules (Micro Water) quickly permeates callus and aides the removal process.


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Q. Does Callus Fill Mist come out of keratin without pushing mist on keratin and pushing straight to foot pile?

One of the biggest advantages of Callus Fill Mist is that it can be exfoliated immediately without waiting for spraying mist on keratin. Exfoliation can be done just 10 seconds after mist spraying.

Q. How long does it take to exfoliate?

The time it takes depends on the level of keratin, but you can take care of both feet in about 3-5 minutes if you take regular care. However, the first time use or if you have severe keratin may take longer.

Q. Is Callus Fill Mist irritating to my skin?

As mentioned earlier, Callus Fill Mist is PH 6.8 which is very safe for skin. In addition, it contains very good ingredients that help your skin, such as eucalyptus oil, salicylic acid, urea and lavender oil. However, excessive exfoliation or excessive use of the wound may cause irritation.

Q. Can I use pregnant or diabetic patients?

Yes you can. Callus Fill Mist contains natural ingredients and is gentle and safe to the skin with PH6.8. However, please note that excessive exfoliation may cause skin irritation.

Q. Does it hurt when you push to a foot file?

Sprinkle callus peel mist and remove it with a foot file does not hurt because it is unnecessary keratin. However, if you try to peel off the dead skin cells forcibly, there may be irritation.

Q. Do you spray mist only once?

Severe keratin can easily exfoliate even if only one mist is applied.However, in case of severe keratin, spraying more mist during use may help to exfoliate.

Q. Do I have to use foot lotion after care?

Callus Fill Mist has a moisturizing function that prevents skin from drying out even after exfoliation. However, by creating a skin moisture barrier with Callus Fill Moisture Lotion, it can be moisturized for longer.

Q. How can I clean a used foot file?

To keep your foot hygienic, you can clean it with a toothbrush and reuse it.

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